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Special thanks to Oleg Lurie whose material this article is based on

November 18, 2014

Last Friday it happened. It blew up. A bomb. A news bomb. Russia’s state Channel 1 news program presented a satellite shot, said to have been taken moments before the passenger jet MH17 shot down by a Ukrainian jet-fighter in eastern Ukraine.


A Russian top aircraft engineer investigating the crash said on the air that he had received an e-mail from George Bilt, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and aircraft expert.

It was also said that the satellite shot had been taken by an American or British satellite. Russian aircraft experts affirmed that no forged elements had been detected because it would have been absolutely impossible to hide them.

But the most exciting and suspicious thing was a too well-organized hostile reaction to that sensation.

Look attentively at the screenshot below:


As you see, the sensational news program appeared on the air at 6:00 p.m. Moscow time. And just a few hours later pro-western Russian-speaking bloggers published hundreds (!!!) of materials allegedly unmasking that satellite shot and allegedly proving it as a crude fake.

From somewhere “suddenly” they published absolutely enormous many-paged (!!!) investigations containing full analysis of Google Maps, comparisons of similar jet tails, analytical reports of dozens of ‘experts’, hundreds of photos and even satellite and air shots and hundreds of web links as well.

For example, right at 11:05 p.m. Moscow time pro-American Russian-speaking blogger Ilya Varlamov very rapidly published a very detailed text with hundreds of photos allegedly proving Bilt’s satellite shot as a fake. This way, don’t either watch TV or read newspapers but trust only unknown Mr. Varlamov and nobody else. It’s sarcasm.

By the way, according to Varlamov’s then ip-address he was located in the North-Caucasian region not far from Elborus. Thus such Varlamov’s rapidity particularly surprises all the people who have brains.

Sure, later ALL so-called arguments of Varlamov urgent inquiry were pretty easily unmasked.

But even that fact didn’t prevent anti-Russian bloggers, western and Ukrainian mass media from quoting Varlamov’s “pearls” as gospel truth on a pretty mass scale.

At once almost similar publications appeared. They contained even more photos, links and experts’ explanations. Here are just some of them: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine… and so on upto thousands of such “proofs”. By the way, take a look at those publications’s time (!!!). Most those “investigators” finished their “work” at breakneck speed right after that Russian news report. Some of them “worked” even after midnight.


As for a well-known pro-American “oppositionist” Alexei Navalny, at 11:36 p.m. Moscow time (just 29 minutes after Varlamov) he published a huge and very detailed biography of Ivan Andrievsky, the expert of the Russian Union of Engineers who presented the sensational satellite shot. Moreover, Navalny had the cheek to publish facts of Mr. Andrievsky’s private life and full information on all companies where Andrievsky had ever worked or which he had run before. Surprising rapidity, isn’t it?

As far as I’ve already mentioned, that Russian state news program appeared on the air at 6:00 p.m. Moscow time. But most pro-American Russian-speaking bloggers live in Moscow as well! Thus I wonder how these “investigators” managed to complete their inquiries just for a few hours, eh?? It is pretty weird but they managed (!!!) to find crowds of web links, hundreds of HQ photos and even (!!!) to do mathematical and astronomical calculations! Do you believe in such miracles? I don’t at all.

Well, of course, I can be told that all Channel 1 programs are broadcasted 7 hours earlier via a satelite over the Russian Far East. Well, ok, but that means those so-called oppositionists (dwelling in Moscow, by the way) regularly watch Russian Channel 1 and only via a satellite for the Far East region. Nonsense? Undoubtedly, it is.

The only reasonable explanation is the following:

Someone whose duty was to watch Russian main TV channels (there is such a minor official post in analytical departments almost of all intelligence services to watch analytical and news TV programs of opponent countries) provided those “unmaskers-investigators” with necessary “materials”, that had prepared by a professional intelligence crew, and explained them in details what to publish and how. This fact explains rapidity, mass and synchronous character of those alleged “exposures”.


As for me, I wouldn’t dare to affirm George Bilt’s satellite shot undoubtedly proves Ukraine’s responsibility for shooting MH17 down.

But such well-organized choral hysteria that contains NO real proofs makes all smart people admit validity of Mr. Bilt’s leak. That hysteria is explained by the fact that  the unexpected publication of the satellite shot made “someone” in the West pretty nervous, especially while the G20 Summit.

By the way, I hope it’s clear ‘George Bilt’ is just a nickname. You see, in German ‘das Bild’ means an image, photo, shot. For example, there are so-called bild-editors in all respectable newspapers and magazines, their duty is to provide their mass media with images of these or those events.

Therefore probability of new ‘Snowden’s’ existence can’t be excluded for sure. I don’t know why those pro-American “unmaskers” didn’t pay attention to it, especially as Snowden’s cause has been flourishing in the West. Such a pattern is a German journalist’s recent exposure of the CIA-controlled top western mass media. Moreover, developers of the well-known TOR Project say that CIA and NSA officials secretly and regularly warn them of all program vulnerabilities found by their agencies. This way, maybe, mysterious George Bilt is just one of these crowds of new ‘Snowdens’?